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Backpacker Travel Insurance

health, Medicare and Insurance

Travel insurance can be a bit of a bone of contention for many backpackers planning their trip of a lifetime. The issue is generally the expenditure, many thinking that the money could be best spent elsewhere. However, not insuring yourself for your trip is a huge gamble. No doubt you will be on the move most of the time, living out of your backpack, unpacking and packing constantly. This of course increases your chances of losing valuables like cameras, mp3 players, mobiles and other things. Being able to replace these things straight away knowing you'll get your costs returned to you gives you great peace of mind.

Then you need to consider the possibility of medical costs. The likelihood of anything serious happening to you is probably very slim, however, even small / short visits to a hospital for something like sun stroke could turn out to be very costly if you are not insured. This is particularly true in places like America where costs can very quickly spiral, leaving you in a lot of trouble.

As a backpacker seeking different experiences you could be embarking on some great adventures and activities risking both life and limb in the process so it's good to have that peace of mind in the unlikely case you hurt yourself.

Now you really don't need to spend a fortune on insurance. You can get great cover for a whole year for only around £250, but prices can vary according to where you're going in the world and if you want to cover expensive items.

There are some great insurance companies out there, including ones particularly catering for backpackers. So it's a good idea to properly research several before commiting to anything. Also be sure to check the small print, and check what exactly it covers you for. If you plan on doing a lot of dangerous activities like bungy jumping, white water rafting, skiing and sky diving, then you will probably have to pay a bit more. However with some insurers it is possible to buy a basic package and then contact them as and when you plan on doing your dangerous activity so that they can extend your insurance to cover you for those one off days.

Below is a list of recommended backpacker insurance companies:

  • World Nomads - is designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and activities such as skiing and snowboarding.
  • Go Travel Insurance - has a section specifically for backpackers.
  • Insure and Go - caters for backpackers.
  • Ace Backpacker Insurance- backpacker insurance and great value for money
  • Sta Travel - Probably one of the better know ones, but not necessarily the best value for money.

When you embark on your adventures it's a good idea to take the details of your insurance cover with you. Also make sure you read up on what to do if you need to make a claim, so that you're fully prepared. For example, if you lost your camera or it got stolen, the insurance company will need some kind of proof that this has occured. This will probably mean obtaining a police report, so it's a good idea to pull out all the stops to find the camera first, as they will ask you what efforts were taken (in most countries).

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