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When to Visit Australia

Time to Visit Australia

Visiting Australia couldn't be easier. Australia is a vast country with differing climates, so it is possible to arrange a visit at any time. It goes from a tropical climate in the north, to a more temperate zone in the south.

The tropical areas of Australia include Queensland, Northern Territory and the north of Western Australia and they have a wet and a dry season.

The wet season can experience some nasty storms, which have been known to destroy crops and houses, and can also be very humid. The dry season is more bareable however at the height of the season, it can be too hot for most.

Tropical Climate:
Wet – November to April
Dry – May to October

The more temperate areas include the regions of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia and are known to have 4 seasons similar to the UK. However, the summers can get much hotter and the sun can be powerful. The winters, in places further south (Tasmania) and in higher ground (Snowy Mountains) can also be very cold. So it’s good to be prepared for all weather. Remember, seasons are the reverse of ours in Europe, and overall are much drier then the UK’s.

Temperate Climate:
Spring & Summer – End September to March
Autumn & Winter – April to September

See our interactive map for average, year round temperatures and rainfall for each state and territory.

In terms of activities, summer is a great time to visit the major cities in the south, especially Sydney with it’s world renowned festivities on New Years Eve. They also host many open-air events over the summer with lots of them free of charge. It is certainly a backpacker’s paradise!

You may be surprised, but you can even go skiing in Australia. The Snowy Mountain region in New South Wales experiences heavy snowfall in the winter and is a popular ski holiday destination. But you must be prepared to book in advance if you would like to visit at this time of year, as hostels, hotels and the like book up very quickly.