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Backpacker's Ticket To Australia

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Backpacking Australia? Well Australia is a backpackers’ theme park, with adventures to suit all types of backpacker. Australia is a country of dreams, sunsets, adventure, wilderness and serenity. Perhaps it is this, coupled with English speaking natives, a love of sport and Australian beer in its schooner-loads that draws the backpackers.

There are many ways of exploring Australia suited to each type of backpacker. With 40 000 km to cover, the more adventurous backpacker should try the on-road off-road life with a camper van and a map. On paper it may be easy to misinterpret the distances between major cities as it can take up to 12 hours to get from one city to another. But with quirky seaside towns and untouched national parks to visit along the journey, it can make for some of the best road trips you’re likely to ever undergo. [Continued...]

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Backpacker Packing List

What to Pack

A comprehensive list of everything you need to pack before going backpacking »»
Finding accommodation in Australia

Finding Accommodation

Advice for backpackers looking for semi-permanent accomodation in Australia »»
Money and banking in Australia

Organising Your Money

Banks and charges and all a backpacker needs to know about tax, superannuation »»

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Australian Visas Finding work in Australia Things to do before you go backpacking

Choosing the Right Australian Visa

Whether you're a backpacker visiting for a holiday or to work and travel, you will need a visa. We have created an easy to read guide to help you decide which one is right for you.

Finding Work in Australia

Want to work while you're backpacking Australia? Here you can find out more about office work, harvest work, volunteer work and more. Also how to find a job and best places to find work.

Before you Go

There's lots to sort out before you go backpacking Australia. Let this be your definitive guide on organising your flights, camera, picture storage, music players, ways to stay in contact and much more.

What is a backpacker?

What is a backpacker

Backpackers are a breed of tourist who have more time and less money than the average holiday maker. Backpackers need straight to the point information on destinations, accommodation and what to do. They want to experience Australia for what it is, making the most of their experience, see as much as they can with the budget and time they have. This guide has been put together by an ex-backpacker in order to provide information on Australian visas, hostels worldwide, finding work, accommodation, dealing with Australian tax, buying a camper van, selling your camper van and much more when visiting Australia.
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