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Backpacker Electricals

There are some electrical items that you will not be able to live without when you're travelling. Ofcourse a camera is absolutely vital to capture your adventures along the way, an MP3 player is also a good purchase to help ease those long tedious journeys. A torch comes in very handy when in hostels after lights out and on camping expeditions, and a head torch makes reading at night much easier! If your hair is a bit of a nightmare, a hair drier could come in very useful. Ofcourse with all these plugs you'll need an adapter.

Maglite Solitaire Travel Torch


This robust high quality torch is ideal for a handbag or keyring. It is water and shock resistant and has a long lamp life and efficient power usage. It comes with a spare lamp inside tail cap, 1 x AAA battery, keychain and case.



A head torch is great when you want to read at night in a dorm room or if you're trekking or exploring the jungle at night. The headband is easily adjustable while the lamp can be tilted to change the beam angle

World Wide Plug Adaptor


A must have accessory for all bacckpackers. This plug adapter is suitable for UK travellers abroad and will cover all countries

Babyliss Travel Hairdryer


This small hair dryer is easy to handle and highly efficient at drying, styling and giving volume to all types of hair. Great if you're backpacking.

Ipod Nano with Camera 8 GB


With so many long journeys, music is a necessity when you're on your travels. Nothing does it better than an ipod

Ipod Shuffle 4GB


With up to 4GB of storage, iPod Shuffle lets you carry all your favourite music for a great price.

Canon Digital Camera


Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS is ideal for those who value great picture quality. At 10 Megapixel, with a 3.0x optical zoom with optical Image Stabilizer and 2.5 PureColor LCD II you will captcha all your memories perfectly